No dispute in Scandinavia over this mackerel


Recently, a competition between Nordic artisan food producers was held in Östersund, Sweden. In all, about 600 products were submitted. Out of 40 prizes awarded, three were presented to Icelandic artisan food producers.

Klaus Kretzer from Skaftafell received a bronze for his Jöklabiti, a peppery snack sausage with garlic, made from lamb. He also received silver for his Hnjúkur, a lamb fillet, dry seasoned and smoked.
In the category of hot smoked fish, the gold winner was Sólsker in Hornafjörður, with its hot smoked mackerel.

All these products were developed in Matis’s food competence centres, which once again underlines how important it is for entrepreneurs and food artisans in various categories to be able to take their first steps in a safe and practical environment. If successful there, they may then go further to create new job-opportunities and a wider range of products.

For more information about the competition, see Ny Nordisk Mat and Eldrimner web pages.

Gold winner’s webpage Klaus Kretzer

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